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UNITED COLORS OF PINK is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to bringing hope and extended hand to people impacted by breast cancer through networking, trusted information, resources and support services, saving lives one breast at the time because there is a beating heart next to it.

UNITED COLORS OF PINK will raise money and solicit donations to provide the services listed below, including other services not listed:

  • Offering guidance and financial aid to obtain progressive testing not covered by insurance and/or unavailable in the United States.

  • Connecting our recipients with health care professionals and therapists who offer emotional and psychological help, focusing on PTSD.

  • Providing transportation to and from doctor appointments and treatments as needed. 

  • Assisting with household management such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, cleaning, child care, and pet care.

  • Unite yoga studios, places of Worship and centers for physical and emotional healing, and faith places for spiritual and soul healing.

  • Partner with institutions and businesses offering assistance to those in need of post mastectomy restorative tattoo. 


Meet our team.   We might not be your traditional non-profit leadership, but most likely you won't find a harder working, more dedicated team. We all have different backgrounds, but we believe that diversity making this group fast-paced, mission-driven, and impact-oriented. Together we can do more. 


Marta B. Zawadzka


Born and raised in Krakow, Poland. In the US since 2004. For many years part of the Single Mother in Needs Shelter as the fundraising event coordinator. As a certified life coach and speaker, Marta helps women to get leverage and instill in them power and drive to achieve their goals by loving and believing in their selves. Marta's relentless pursuit of her dreams, despite the odds, has inspired and motivated others who crossed her path. Marta is a researcher and influencer, known for the project Success in Skirt.  Marta is responsible for the Vision, strategy, and national fundraising efforts for United Colors of Pink as it expands across the country. 

“I’m honored to lead such a unique, dynamic and growing organization United Colors of Pink” - Marta

Bernadetta UCP.JPG

Bernadetta M. Koryciarz


When many years ago Bernadetta signed up for the Avon walk, she had no idea that she would find a new calling to help others. Being surrounded by people touched by breast cancer, hearing their stories of struggle, defeat, hope, and triumph gave her an understanding that she wants to help more people. Bernadetta says that no one should go through hardship alone. Bernadetta is a natural optimist. By serving on the board of the United Colors of Pink, Bernadetta hopes to be a fierce advocate and supporter of these incredible women and men fighting breast cancer.

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Beata Balos


Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. ~ Buddha 

This is my life motto and this is what I like to honor no matter what I do. I was born and raised in Poland and since 1991residing in the United States. I  lost my mom to cancer at pretty young age so I had to grow up and mature fast . My life experiences created me to be a strong and independent woman, full of ideas and very resourceful. Growing up without a mother also gave me a soft, caring, and loving heart. These are my two strongest traits: my brain and my heart. I enjoy working with people and being of service to people. I truly believe we are all connected. Caring for and helping each other is not a hobby or passion but is my responsibility. I am active in the community and volunteer a lot. I have a long history of "working" with charitable organizations.  I have walked a few Avon Walks with local groups "Stokrotki" (Daisies)  and "Różowe Kropeczki" (Pink Dots) and helped with organizing few Pink Ribbon Ball events to support our friends struggling with breast cancer. The idea of United Colors of Pink was born in my heart many years ago and finally came to fruition. Being able to help others makes my heart sing, makes me more alive... and so does coffee.

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Katarzyna Augustyn

Katarzyna Augustyn is a Chicago-based, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of New Vitality Wellness.

After many years of struggling with and overcoming her own health issues, she decided to learn more about nutrition. Katarzyna received her education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition -cutting edge Health Coaching Program. She studied many different dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques and innovative coaching methods- all of which are credited by some of the world's top health and wellness experts. Aside from researching current health practices, she is also a huge animal lover and even advocates a plant based diet, as a fellow vegetarian herself. In her leisure time, Katarzyna enjoys scenic hikes in nature, as well as practicing yoga.With her extensive training and adverse personal experiences, Katarzyna passionately guides others in taking control and improving the quality of their health and wellness.

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Wojtek Grochmal

Born & raised in Poland. He’s called the United States his home for the past 15 years. During that time he’s taken an interest in fishing & spending time with nature. His other passions include an interest in volunteering. He focuses most of his energy on making a difference in the lives of kids with special needs. Despite the difficulty that comes with the task, he feels experienced enough to bring on everyday challenges & faces them with the utmost ease due to his professionalism. His peers and the children he works with are not just his responsibility, they are his family.