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United Colors of Pink educational materials are designed to engage women and men in conversations about breast cancer risk and how to be proactive with their health.

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Services offered by Katarzyna Augustyn, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • 3-month program (includes free one-hour consultation and 6 one hour sessions)
    UCOP special discount price $300 (regular price $450 )

  • 6-month program (includes free one-hour consultation and 12 one hour sessions)
    UCOP special discount price $600 (regular price $900)


Health Coach supports clients by:

  • Offers a supportive, encouraging partnership that can help you feel more empowered and engaged in your health care at an important time in your life.

  • Can help you sort through all the health information you have received and create a realistic plan that enables you to make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes based on what matters most to you.

  • Create strategies to reduce your risk of developing new cancers or other chronic illnesses.

  • Health coach will help you create an eating plan to maintain your nutritional status and lean body mass while addressing possible weight concerns.

  • Develop personalized nutrition strategies including meal planning, appropriate supplements and mindful eating behaviors.

  • Make sense of all the nutrition information and recommendations you receive from your providers, family, friends, and the media.

Kasia Augustyn    

(773) 550 2525 


My Density Matters:  

  • Empowers women to find out their breast density,

  • Educates about four different categories of breast density

  • Educates about screening options